The stars are beginning to align

There has been lots of momentum in the media about the return of Major League Baseball to Montreal.

October 24: The article in the NY Daily News reporting that Stuart Sterberg, owner of the Tampa Bay Rays, had discussions with wealthy Wall Street associates about moving his team to Montreal, began the process of aligning all the stars.  The Tampa Bays denied that discussion took place.

November 4: La Presse reported in “Opération charme pour le retour des Expos”  that a group of MLB owners were privy to a business plan presentation made by sponsors of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

November 5: Paul Beeston of the Blue Jays was in Montreal to announce that once again the Blue Jays will play two spring training games at Olympic Stadium on April 3 and 4, 2015.  La Presse quoted Beeston as saying that the business plan is viable.  The Rays were among a select group of owners, no comment.

November 7: News leaked of a Montreal ownership group in place as potential investors in a MLB franchise in Montreal.  Bell Media, Stephen Bronfman, Larry Rossy and Mitch Garber are named.  On his Twitter feed, Garber had no comment.

All this “silence” from the people directly implicated speaks volumes.  Does all this mean that the return on baseball in our city is imminent? Of course not.  It does not hurt that the stars are aligning to make this a reality at some point in the future.

Make no mistake: professional baseball will return to Montreal. Quoting Sternberg: “Yes, I know it can.”

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